Wellness Train Wellness FREE EVENT

Wellness Train Wellness FREE EVENT

Calling Women!!! Want to get your hormones in balance? Join us for a FREE informative event Tues. at 9:30 am at TGC Coffee Shop – 110 W. Main Street Watonga Ok.

Kick off 2019 with more hormonal balance balance!

A train is made up of innumerable cars with each one having its own unique characteristics, yet all are going in the same direction. The verb form of train has several definitions; the one most applicable to this analogy is “to direct the growth of.”

All of us, no matter how new or seasoned in Young Living, are teacher-learners. I can learn from each of you and you from me and the others. None of us has “arrived” and know all there is to learn. In that regard, the train is forever moving.

It is so important that we look at ourselves as conduits of learning, not reservoirs with no outlets, resulting in putrefaction. Closely related to this is that we APPLY what we learn. Keeping this in mind, every member is encouraged to share what she/he has learned so we can all benefit–particularly in how we applied our knowledge.

Also HOW one shares her/his knowledge is important. In 1 Corinthians 1:8 we are told that knowledge puffs up a person, but love builds up. Unfortunately knowledge and training can be used as a weapon with which to rebuke others who have not been exposed to it (or have forgotten, lol) We all learn more readily when that knowledge-training is imparted lovingly and patiently.

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