Watonga Chamber Business of the Week Pioneer Telephone

Pioneer would like to remind all its customers to register for the FREE “Get Fiber upgrade” at gopioneer.com

“Serving Oklahoma and Kansas Local Telephone, Ethernet,
Transport Service, Internet, iVideo, Cellular, Long Distance,
Wireless Broadband, and Business.”

Since 1953, Pioneer Telephone Cooperative has provided Western Oklahomans and businesses with the best communication tools to keep our customers connected with the people, communities and information that matters most.

We strive to live up to our name every day – exploring, developing and PIONEERing the latest technology to keep our community moving forward.

We’re local. Pioneer is local, member-owned and operated. We live here and use our services too, so we have to get it right. We believe in investing in more than communication infrastructure. We know people make the real impact in our communities, so our organization and employees proudly support people and organizations that are working to move our local community forward.

We value relationships. We’re dedicated to providing excellent customer service and a fair deal. Pioneer offers the latest technology available at competitive prices backed by a committed, local customer service team.

We connect people. Pioneer keeps our customers connected, entertained and protected through our family of services: Wireless, Internet, Digital TV, Security and Home Phones.

We have plans for everyone. Whether you just need to check emails or your entire life connected through your cellphone, we provide plans to meet your needs.

We invest in progress. Pioneer recognizes that infrastructure is the cornerstone of progress, quality of life and the economic well-being of rural Oklahoma, so we are constantly integrating the latest technology into our suite of services while maintaining the reliability of our existing services.

We’re technology experts. We know how frustrating new technology can be. That’s why our friendly team of technology experts are available to help by phone, email, chat or at 42 locations across our Western Oklahoma service area. We don’t outsource our support, which means every billing, service or support question is answered locally.

Watonga Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Pioneer Telephone as a business leader here in Watonga.

To Become a Watonga Chamber member and get your business recognized, follow the link here: Or call 580.623.5452 and ask how you can join the Watonga chamber of commerce

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